We create space to hear one another’s stories.

Power in Together

Made of and Moved by Story

Each of us has a collection of stories that shape how we interact in the world. We create space to hear one another’s stories so barriers come down and new stories of connection emerge.

Always in Process

We show up for one another. We are intentional about cultivating a space for personal growth to better meet the needs of our community. We collaborate. We create.

Committed to Compassion

We are all intertwined. The health and wholeness of one is tied to the health and wholeness of another. We center our lives around love and compassion – for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and the earth.

Intertwine Events

Check out our MeetUp group for a calendar of Intertwine events. Sometimes we partner with other organizations and amplify their events on Facebook.

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We Are Intertwine

We are about questions not answers, rooted in simplicity, made of and moved by story, always in process, and convinced and committed to compassion.

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Thank you for helping us create this church on the edges. Intertwine is a community gathering around questions, story, process, compassion, & simplicity.

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Mike Rusert - Pastor/Developer

We are looking for people who want meaningful community, who are provoked by questions, who are active in confronting privilege and racism, who can live with an environmental ethic.


Laura Lou - Director of Music and Outreach

Being involved with Intertwine, a church that encourages curiosity, exploration and challenge is re-igniting a hunger to be part of a community with people who are different than me.